The essence of Solinoor

Solinoor is on a mission to make renewable energy affordable and accessible for everyone. We are destined to achieve this goal by considering the interests of nature, the environment and all stakeholders such as local communities, municipalities, and organisations.

With a team of renewable experts in the field of renewable energy and sustainability, Solinoor is built on four pillars: 1) Consultancy, 2) Development, 3) Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC), and 4) Research & Innovation. In doing so, we create end-to-end solutions to all our customers around the world.

We conduct feasibility studies to provide our clients with detailed insights on the possibilities for them to become more sustainable.

Solinoor is an experienced project developer in the field of renewable energy. From an idea to fully permitted projects, we've got you covered.

At Solinoor we walk the talk. We make developed projects come to life by building them into fully fledged projects.

Solely the production of renewable energy is not enough to achieve a sustainable energy system. By conducting research, we create specialised tools, energy storage solutions and energy management systems for the energy system of the future.


Solinoor feasibility study

At Solinoor, we are eager to assist our clients with clear steps on how to become more sustainable by reducing their energy consumption and explore their potential for renewable energy sources. With a team of highly motivated experts in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability, we provide detailed feasibility studies that explore the potentials of the assets of our clients. In the feasibility studies we take a deep-dive into:

  1. The local conditions such as site characteristics and policies;
  2. Energy management of production, consumption & optimisation;
  3. The potentials related to, for example, nature-integration, energy storage, and green hydrogen;
  4. Business cases;
  5. Risk & mitigation analysis.

Besides feasibility studies, we also can provide AERIUS calculations & reports to indicate nitrogen emissions and deposition.

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Development drawing Solinoor solarcarport

To fulfil our mission in making renewable energy affordable and accessible for everyone, Solinoor is a dedicated developer in the field of renewable energy systems. By taking an integral approach, we create innovative energy solutions that seamlessly fit within the environment and harness the interests of all involved stakeholders. In our development approach we:

  1. Create project designs including materials, equipment, dimensions, etc;
  2. Conduct the necessary studies for the construction and define the project specific Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) aspects;
  3. Make a detailed project process planning;
  4. Closure of the businesscase;
  5. Apply for licences and permits.

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Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Creating and developing ideas is only one part of the story, which is why we have the ambition to bring state-of-the-art renewable energy projects to life. By years of hands-on involvement in end-to-end project processes, we have gained the experience and expertise to address all challenges when realising renewable energy projects. Rooted in cutting-edge Engineering, seamless Procurement, and detailed Construction methodologies, our approach ensures that every aspect contributes to a steamlined process. This makes Solinoor an excellent EPC company that walks the talk by building fully fledged renewable energy projects.

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Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE)

The construction of renewable energy systems can entail high-risk activities. At Solinoor, we highly value the safety of our workers and the environment which is why we emphasise Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) aspects for our activities. We established a QHSE program that includes comprehensive risk assessments, regular safety training, environmental impact assessments, and a culture of continuous improvement. Validated by EBN Certification, an independent and acknowledged certification institute, Solinoor proudly holds a VCA** certification. By prioritising QHSE aspects, protect our workforce and the environment also also uphold the quality and reliability of our renewable energy systems, ensuring long-term sustainability and customer satisfaction.




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Research & Innovation

Solinoor Innovative Energy Solutions 3D model

We believe in a future where the world's energy needs are met without compromising the environment. To make this happen, we see innovation and technological improvements as some of the key driving forces. By placing research and innovation at the core of our company, we constantly push the boundaries of technology, invest in groundbreaking solutions, and pursue novel approaches to renewable energy production, distribution, and efficiency. With our approach, develop and build affordable and accessible renewable energy solutions, making a sustainable and eco-friendly future a reality for everyone.

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