We rise to the challenge of ensuring affordable and accessible sustainable energy for everyone on earth.

 Solinoor has joined forces with experts in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability, including asset holders and investors. Together with our majority shareholder, we have 420 MW of assets in our portfolio, distributed over various locations, which we will develop further over the next two years.
Research and innovation remain our priority. With an innovative spirit and an entrepreneurial mindset, we design sustainable energy solutions for customers around the world.


Vahid Kharidar
Managing Director
+316 55722364

Vahid Kharidar


"The future of our planet depends on green energy. Secondary sources are running out and gas, oil, coal and nuclear are negatively impacting people and the planet. The source of green energy on the other hand is unlimited and a healthy and sustainable alternative to gas and oil.


During his 10 years at Philips, Vahid was confronted with the rise of energy prices and the negative effect it had on people and the planet. With Solinoor he aims to make a change in the world and make green energy accessible and affordable to everyone."


Paul Hospers
 Senior Project Developer
+316 42381997


Caroline de Greeff
Energy corporation & local participation expert
+316 41753083


Jurjan Lammers
Project Manager
+316 44170575



Anne Beune
Water quality and nature


Rutger Schreur
Project Advisor (Energy Systems)


Aart-Jan Schouten
Project Development Manager


Peter Stolk
Senior Business Development Manager


Hamed Roozdar
Head of EPC Projects


Erik Bruins
Hydrogen Business Developer

Utrecht University Innovation Sciences & Solinoor



As of May 2022, Solinoor has welcomed a team of talented Innovation Sciences master students from Utrecht University: Timo van Arkel, Hugo Hofstede, Stan ter Burg, Daan Pisa and Rutger Schreur. 

During their activities at Solinoor they will perform a research study with focus on innovative integrated energy solutions, which will help Solinoor and the Energy sector to better understand the extent of renewable/solar energy as a source for the production of hydrogen and potentially as an alternative energy solution. Their thesis question will revolve around: “Evaluating the current state, barriers and potentials of greenhouse adaptation towards green hydrogen produced by solar energy.”

At Solinoor we are always looking for ways to contribute to education and participation. Want to know more about the possibilities for your project? Send an email to info@solinoor.com or get in touch via the button below.