Technical System Engineer

Are you the Technical System Engineer we’re looking for?

Are you an experienced Technical System Engineer and eager to contribute to designing state-of-the-art solar PV systems? Solinoor is in search of a dynamic and highly skilled Technical System Engineer to take charge of our solar PV projects, overseeing the design, engineering and integration of innovative solar power solutions. This role provides a unique opportunity for you to leverage your technical knowledge, drive continuous improvement, and play a pivotal role in furthering our commitment to sustainable and efficient solar energy solutions. If you are passionate about optimizing solar PV systems, pushing the boundaries of technology, and making a positive environmental impact, join Solinoor in shaping the future of clean and renewable energy.

About the Role

As a Technical System Engineer at Solinoor, you will be a key player in advancing our solar PV projects by providing expertise in the design, engineering, and integration of solar photovoltaic systems. Your role will involve:

  • Creating technical designs of utility scale solar projects;
  • Provide comprehensive technical analyses, including project site inspectations;
  • System optimization and compliance with regulations;
  • Troubleshooting to ensure the seamless integration and performance of solar PV systems.

Collaboration with cross-functional teams, adherence to industry standards, and continuous innovation in solar technologies will be crucial in achieving project goals.

Candidate profile

Ideal candidates for the Technical System Engineer position possess:

  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Renewable Energy, or a related field;
  • Preferably a minimum of 1 years' hands-on experience in the solar PV industry;
  • Proficiency in solar system design software;
  • Familiarity with grid interconnection requirements;
  • A strong foundation in electrical systems are essential.

Your ability to conduct detailed technical assessments, identify potential issues, and implement effective solutions will contribute to the success of our solar initiatives.

What can we offer

By joining Solinoor, you become an integral part of a dedicated team driving the energy transition, and you will have the opportunity to contribute significantly to the growth and success of our solar projects. We offer a supportive work environment that encourages professional development and the achievement of your career ambitions within the organisation.


  • Salary will be corresponding with your knowledge and experience.
  • The opportunity to obtain relevant training and certificates.
  • Flexibility and freedom in the execution of your role.
  • This is a full-time position, requiring your presence at our head office for at least 3 days a week, with flexibility for remote work on other days.

Solinoor in short

Solinoor is an innovative and forward-thinking company committed to driving the energy transition. Specialising in renewable energy and sustainability, we are at the forefront of making clean energy accessible and affordable for all. With a passionate team of experts, we are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of energy production. Our open and collaborative work environment encourages creativity, fosters innovation, and empowers individuals to make a meaningful impact in the field of renewable energy. Join Solinoor in our mission to create a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

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