AERIUS reports

Conducting nitrogen emission and depostion calculations and provide reporting for acquiring your project permits in the Netherlands.

As sustainability takes center stage in today's business landscape, the imperative to accurately calculate and report nitrogen emissions (NOx, NH3) becomes paramount for permitting procedures of projects and activities. We recognise that precise environmental impact assessments are essential for fostering responsible project realisation and meeting regulatory requirements. Hence, our team employs a meticulous approach to conduct comprehensive AERIUS calculations. This ensures that your organisation is well-equipped to adress the environmental standards set forth by the Dutch authorities. Solinoor delivers not just data, but also actionable insights and detailed reporting that enables a streamlined permitting process with confidence and integrity.

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AERIUS calculation overview

AERIUS reporting components

AERIUS calculator

1. AERIUS calculations

For doing the AERIUS calculations related to nitrogen emission and deposition during construction and exploitation of your project, we consider:

  • Defining project boundaries: what activities emit nitrogen (NOx and NH3) that should be included in the AERIUS calculations;
  • Emission sources: defining the different emission sources and zones, wether it be transportation or on-site activities;
  • AERIUS calculations report: a detailed report of the emission sources, emitted NOx and NH3, and the impact on surrounding nature.

2. Written project memo

As a supplement to substantiate the AERIUS calculations, we provide a written report that indicates:

  • Project description: high-level description of the project initiative that require an AERIUS calculation;
  • Method: what approach and techniques are used to determine the nitrogen emissions and deposition related to the project;
  • Specification: we provide in-depth details of all the activities related to the construction and exploitation within the project boundaries;
  • Results and conclusion: an overview of the AERIUS calculation output, potential project impact, and if it is compliant with the regulations.
Nitrogen emissions infographic
Emission reduction strategies infographic

3. Emission reduction strategies

In the case of too much nitrogen emission or deposition that originate from the project activities, we can conduct an analysis whereby we provide:

  • Emitter insights: which emission sources have the largest impact on the overall nitrogen emission and deposition;
  • Solutions: provide tangible solutions on how to prevent or mitigate the impact of the activities;
  • Scenario analysis: an illustration of different scenarios which could highlight what steps are necessary to comply with the regulations.

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