Feasibility studies

Evaluating renewable energy potential trough comprehensive feasibility studies.

We are motivated to show our clients the opportunities on how to make use of renewable energy sources and inspire them to pursue the development of integrated energy systems. With our feasibility studies, we go into further detail on what the opportunities are to develop and how to effectively tackle the challenges that come along in this process. With an experienced team in the field of renewable energy systems, we are dedicated to provide a complete overview that helps you pursue your sustainability endeavours. See below how our feasibility studies can help.

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Solinoor feasibility study

Feasibility fundamentals

Project inventory

Project inventory

We create an overview of the key aspects that are relevant for considering project development, construction and exploitation. For this we evaluate project conditions such as:

  • The surrounding environment: which activities or areal developments are in place;
  • Energy analysis: determine the potential for renewable energy production, combined with the evaluation of the current and future energy demand.


Developing project opportunities

Based on the project inventory, we work out the project opportunities and relevant aspects that should be considered. This entails:

  • Technical analysis: define the design parameters and determine the potential usable techniques;
  • Policy analysis: to what extent does the political landscape enable the viability of a project such as the Zoning plans, Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet), and Regional Energy Strategy (RES);
  • Energy offset: explore coupling with other energy consumers in the area;
  • Multifunctional purpose: indicate to what extent nature-integration or participation processes can play a role for the project.
nature-inclusive floating solar PV - green islands - biobaskets
Risk and mitigation analysis

Prioritisation project opportunities

Tho provide a clear project development and realisation trajectory, we test the technical and economic feasibility and viability. This is done through:

  • Risk identification: outlining the most critical risks associated with the project;
  • Impact analysis: indicate the chance and impact of the risk, highlighting the urgency of addressing it;
  • Mitigation measures: we define clear solutions to prevent or mitigate the risks to enable a smooth development process.

Business case

Besides technical feasibility, the project should also be profitable. Based on the previous segments, we provide an integral business case overview to help you understand:

  • Project investment & operational costs (CAPEX & OPEX): with experience in building solar parks, we can provide clear insights into the investment and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) costs for building your project.
  • Energy market developments: illustrate the current market trends to define best and worst case scenarios for future energy pricing and implications for your business.
  • Key performance indicators: we provide a project lifetime business case overview necessary for bankability, illustrating critical financial concepts such as Return On Investment (ROI) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR).
business case

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PVsyst simulations & reports

We conduct detailed analyses to provide you with the first design of your solar PV installation and accurate yield calculations.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

We can help to create a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which is a legal contract between the electricity generator and the power purchaser.

Subsidies (SDE++)

Subsidies can play an important role in the financing of renewable energy systems. Our experience can lead the way in securing the appropriate financial support.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Perfecting your renewable energy installation requires adequate monitoring, maintenance and optimalisation.

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