Solar roof Barneveld concrete plant

Solar panels with a total energy production of 305 kWp will be installed on the roof of the concrete plant in Barneveld. The generated energy of the panels will cover a big part of the company's energy needs and will be used entirely for the company’s own consumption. The surplus of renewable solar energy during the daytime will be stored in special batteries that can be used when the energy consumption of the plant is high early in the morning when concrete production starts. With this project, we are working towards a fully off-grid solution.


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Energy for private consumption


The peak in energy consumption of Concrete Plant Wessel B.V. is between 5.30 am and 9 am in the morning when the concrete is being produced. The peak of the energy that the sun provides, however, is later in the day. In order to cover the full energy usage, specially designed batteries will be installed that store energy that’s not being used straight away.

Not only does this project help to drastically reduce the production of CO2, but it also contributes to saving high energy costs at this location. By becoming more self-sufficient, the dependence on the energy-grid is drastically reduced.

Phase 1

The first batch of solar panels (138 kWp) have been installed in 2021 on the roof of the concrete plant. Smart meters were placed to regulate and monitor the energy consumption and the battery. The energy consumption from the grid could be minimized since a significant share of the total concrete plant consumption now comes from their own production.

Phase 2

Additional solar panels with an energy production of 167 kWp will be installed on the roof of the concrete plant. The total energy that’s being generated with the panels installed in both phases will cover around 90% of the company’s energy needs.

Phase 3

With the integration of a battery system, the surplus of renewable solar energy during the daytime can be stored for later use early in the next morning when concrete production starts and when there is no solar energy available yet.

Barneveld concrete plant solar roof front view

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