Solar park Geertjesgolf 

In the area of Deest and Winssen, solar park Geertjesgolf is currently being realised. On July 24, 2022, Solinoor and NEDERZAND signed the contract for ‘Solar’ project Geertjesgolf. The project will be built over a period of 4 months, during which a total of 7639 panels will be installed, equivalent to a production of 4125 kWp of green energy. The generated energy will be used for direct consumption by the equipment that is wielded for sand extraction in Geertjesgolf.

What gives this project its uniqueness, is the fact that it’s being built on an old waste dumpsite. This does create additional challenges, requiring a new and innovative design for the foundation and cabling of the site. By adapting our technology and techniques to the circumstances of the project location in a clever way, this otherwise unused piece of land can still be used efficiently.


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July 24 2022


On July 24, 2022, Solinoor and NEDERZAND signed the contract for ‘Solar’ project Geertjesgolf. By signing the agreement, our shared sustainability ambitions can be realized and we’re taking great steps to a greener future.

Herman van der Linde, director of NEDERZAND B.V: “Our goal is to transition to 100% consumption of green energy produced by solar panels in the sand extraction process and to become CO2 neutral.”

September 12, 2022 

The project started officially with a project construction kick-off on the 12th of September. During the kick-off, the concrete foundations that the solar park would be built on were laid out.

September 20, 2022

On the 20th of September, 2 transformers supplied by Alfen were installed for managing voltage levels and energy distribution. The transformers are essential in distributing the green energy generated by the solar park.

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