Introducing new technologies for renewable energy


Introducing a full range of innovative renewable energy technologies, Solinoor helps its customers to meet their sustainability goals. We work across industries, according to your needs and location, to deliver the most suitable sustainable energy solution for your site.


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The essence of Solinoor

 Solinoor specialises in the development and construction of innovative energy solutions. Besides bringing our own projects to life, we help our clients to achieve the same with our consulting services. In this way, we can build towards a future where renewable energy is accessible and affordable for everyone.



Enabling our clients to learn from our expertise in the field of innovative energy solutions by providing them with tailor-made advice on how to effectively achieve their sustainability objectives.


We organise permitting and develop a wide variety of sustainable energy technologies to form perfectly designed solutions that suit businesses, nature and society.


We engineer and build solar parks of the future by integrating our experience into innovative energy solutions which are suitable for the surrounding nature and environment.

Innovative Energy Solutions

We enable our customers to reap the benefits of green energy with projects in the field of renewable solar energy, sustainable hydrogen production and energy storage systems.