Floating solar park Drenthe

This cutting-edge project includes the development and construction of a 1.5 MW floating solar park. The solar park is designed to address the problems of grid congestion on the electricity grid by operating independently of the electricity grid. In this way we make renewable energy possible and available for local sand extraction activities. Nearly 50% of the annual energy consumption of local sand extraction installations can be generated, contributing to the sustainability of the industry. By using panels that float low above the water and through an appropriate orientation, we minimize the effects on the surrounding landscape. This project is currently in the development phase and will be built in 2024.

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Ellertshaar sand extraction floating solar 3D top-side view, Drenthe, Netherlands

Relevance and purpose

Energy indepencende

Recent years have shown uncertainties in the price and availability of energy. Furthermore, the need for sustainability is only increasing. This can be achieved by generating our own energy for our own consumption. The floating solar park supplies a large amount of sustainable electricity. By not supplying this electricity to the grid but using it for self-consumption, sand extraction becomes more self-sufficient and less dependent on the energy grid. This prevents problems with grid congestion and it also ensures a long-term stable energy price. With a tailor-made design that matches the consumption profile, this innovative solar energy solution provides a reliable and sustainable energy source for the extraction processes. This is a major step towards making sand extraction more sustainable and underscores our commitment to making renewable energy accessible and affordable for everyone.

Ellertshaar sand extraction floating solar 3D top view, Drenthe, Netherlands
Ellertshaar sand extraction floating solar 3D street-view, Drenthe, Netherlands

Seamless integration in the environment

The low positioning and well-thought-out orientation of the floating solar park play an important role in integration and minimising the impact on the landscape environment. This conscious design choice for the floating solar panels ensures a harmonious view from the environment. By taking the landscape values into account, we strive for a balance between the generation of renewable energy and the preservation of the landscape. This approach not only underlines our commitment to sustainable energy solutions, but also reflects our commitment to creating integrated energy solutions.


The floating solar park is not only unique in the field of renewable energy generation, but also serves a multifunctional purpose. By placing the solar panels on the water surface, this is not at the expense of valuable land, but we still make it possible to generate sustainable energy. This dual functionality meets the growing need for efficient land use while generating clean, renewable energy. The innovative approach to co-designate water bodies for solar energy not only saves land, but can also provide additional benefits such as increased energy production from the solar panels due to the cooling effect of the water underneath, preventing excessive algae growth and reducing water evaporation .

Ellertshaar sand extraction floating solar 3D distant view, Drenthe, Netherlands

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