Gorinchem Floating Solar


At the Zuiderlingedijk business park - located alongside the intersection of the A15 and the Linge in Gorinchem where a concrete plant and various other companies are located - Solinoor has  plans to create a 100% sustainable, natural gas-free and energy-producing business park. This solar park will cover all of the energy needs for the companies located on the site (including charging stations for electric cars, trucks and ships). The energy surplus will be directed to the grid, functioning as sustainable energy for the area.


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Phase 1: Roof

Through the SDE+ scheme, a subsidy has been allocated to the installation of solar panels on the roof of the concrete plant in Gorinchem, with implementation in 2022/2023. Installation of the solar panels will cover a large part of the concrete plant’s electricity needs.

Phase 2: Natural gas free

Consultations to ensure that the roof can be covered in as many solar panels to meet part of the electricity needs of the concrete plant and/or to supply it to the grid are currently being conducted.

In collaboration with Dekker group, a plan has been developed to make the business park completely free from use of natural gas by means of isolation of the buildings and heat pumps. Any new building on the site will be 100% free from use of natural gas. 

Phase 3: Floating Solar

In addition to the panels on the roof of the buildings, Solinoor developed a plan for a floating Solar park on the lake next to the business park. Together they will cover the entire electricity needs of the business park. A floating solar park of 2 ha will be built on 6.3 ha of water surface (gross), which will accordingly provide 3,600,000 kWh of sustainable electricity per year. Each panel has a capacity of 550 Wp and a max. height above the water of 1 meter. 

The solar park has been designed conscientiously with conservation of the landscape and nature as top priority. The park is being developed with a high quality floating system with certification for the water quality. In addition, there will be a direct link between production and consumption, so the energy will be used locally as much as possible. 

Nature as a priority


Nature-inclusive design

Nature-Inclusive Design is a priority in this project. The panels will be surrounded by exclusively crafted ‘green islands’ that function as a habitat for plants and birds. The islands corroborate better integration into the environment of the park. Underneath the park, an array of ‘bio-baskets’ will be built, which provide shelter for small fish and other marine life.

The panels cover only a part of the water surface and allow enough light to pass for optimal development of marine and other life. Additionally, the solar park will be anchored taking into account the fluctuations in the water level. This unique combination of floating panels, green islands and bio-baskets has never been used in the Netherlands before.


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