IJzendoorn floating solar

The development stage of the 10 MWp floating solar park in IJzendoorn on the floodplains near our office has been completed and is fully permitted. This floating solar park will provide renewable energy for local sustainable sand-extraction activities, shore power in the nearby harbour and future green hydrogen options are also being explored. As this project is now fully permitted, Solinoor plans to realise this solar park in the following months.


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Ways of creating value

Sustainable sand extraction 

Situated on a sand extraction lake along the river 'de Waal', the IJzendoorn floating solar park offers several advantages that can greatly benefit the local electrified sand extraction activities. Firstly, by utilising the water surface for solar panel installation, floating solar allows for the optimal use of limited land resources. Additionally, floating solar panels tend to have higher efficiency due to the cooling effect of the water, resulting in increased electricity generation. This surplus energy can be directly used to power sand extraction machinery, reducing the reliance on traditional fossil fuel-based power sources. By adopting floating solar, local sand extraction activities can become more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, contributing to sustainable development and reducing carbon emissions.


Renewable shore power 

Floating solar offers significant advantages that can benefit the local harbour by providing renewable shore power. The generated renewable energy can be directly supplied to the port, reducing its reliance on conventional power sources and minimizing carbon emissions. By embracing floating solar, the local harbour can embrace sustainable practices, reduce environmental impact, and promote green initiatives in the maritime industry.


Nature-inclusive design 

Our project places a strong emphasis on a nature-inclusive floating solar PV system design, incorporating green islands and bio-baskets to stimulate biodiversity both above and underwater. By integrating these elements into the design, we aim to create an ecosystem that not only generates renewable energy but also fosters a thriving and diverse habitat for local flora and fauna. The green islands provide a haven for native plants, attracting pollinators and supporting local ecosystems. The bio-baskets submerged beneath the water's surface serve as artificial reefs, providing shelter and breeding grounds for marine life. This nature-inclusive approach not only contributes to environmental conservation but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the floating solar park, creating a visually pleasing view for the surrounding community. Through this holistic design, we strive to balance sustainable energy generation with ecological preservation, fostering a harmonious coexistence between renewable energy infrastructure and the natural environment.

Our innovative energy solutions approach

Battery energy storage system

To cope with the fluctuating demand and nighttime energy consumption in the harbour, battery energy storage systems (BESS) will serve as a mitigating measure. By integrating a unique energy management system, we are working towards an innovative solution that perfectly suits the intermittent energy production profiles of solar energy and the energy demand of the ships.

Green hydrogen

In pursuit of a comprehensive renewable energy solution, the project team is actively exploring the potential of green hydrogen production. Here we evaluate the feasibility, viability and scalability of incorporating hydrogen generation into the floating solar park system and its compatibility with the existing infrastructure and local industry off-takers. By venturing into green hydrogen, the project aims to unlock an additional avenue for sustainable energy utilisation, potentially enabling the storage and use of surplus solar power while reducing carbon emissions even further.


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