Solar roof Tiel Concrete Plant

In December 2021, a total of 296 panels have been installed on the roof of the concrete plant in Tiel, generating over 97 kWp of sustainable energy. The green energy produced by the panels covers a significant share of the total energy needs of this concrete plant.


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Energy management at the concrete plant


A total of 296 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the concrete plant. Smart meters are installed to regulate the consumption of energy and return to the grid during weekends.

With the addition of solar panels on the roof, the energy consumption from the grid is substantially reduced. This project drastically reduces CO2 emissions while simultaneously mitigating high energy costs at this location.

SDE Subsidy

Partially because of the SDE+ 2019 subsidy for the stimulation of sustainable energy production, the concrete plant could approach Solinoor to design, engineer and exploit the full solar park. By means of Solinoor’s EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) procedure, the project could be technically completed.


The SDE++ is a subsidy provided to achieve sustainable climate goals. The government allocates subsidies to the production of green energy and avoids the spread of CO₂. More about the SDE++ can be found here


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