Floating solar Zonnewaal Ochten

In the floodplains of Ochten, there is the ambition to develop a floating solar park of 8 hectares which is equal to roughly 23.000 solar panels with a total of 12.8 MWp. By actively focusing on local participation, the integration of nature and local energy consumption, we can create value for the local community and environment. Since the beginning of 2023, this project has been in the development phase and is aspired to be built in 2024 once the permits are acquired.

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The design

The location

Near the village of Ochten in a part of the Gouverneurspolder, there is the idea to build a floating solar park. Under normal conditions, the floating solar park will not cover more than 40% of the total surface area of the water.


View on the solar park

To integrate the floating solar park seamlessly into the natural environment, there could be made use of green islands to preserve a pleasant view of the local environment. Illustrating different situations and perspectives could give an idea of how a floating solar park could look like at the Gouverneurspolder.


value creation

The green islands surrounding the floating solar park can provide room for flora and fauna. In this way, the production of renewable energy can be combined effectively with the stimulation of the natural environment of the floodplains. Besides the green islands, bio baskets can also be installed. These metal frames are mounted below the floating solar platform and, thereby, provide a safe habitat and breeding place for life underwater.

360 degrees visualisation

Do you want to have 360 degrees virtual experience how this solarpark may look? Scan the QR-code on the right.

Participation process

Participate in the project

Through the participation process, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to contribute to the development of the area related to the floating solar park. By organising area tables, drop-in evenings and sending newsletters, we try to closely involve the local communities in this project. In this way, an attempt is made to realise a project in which the interests of local residents, municipalities and local entrepreneurs are safeguarded as much as possible.

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