Solar field Nextgarden

Locally produced renewable energy for local energy consumption

Solinoor is working on a plan for sustainable energy generation with solar panels between Karstraat and Lingewal in Bemmel (municipality of Lingewaard), on the edge of the NEXTgarden horticultural area. We want to integrate this solar field into the greenery, so that it is hardly noticeable from the surrounding roads. It will be a solar field with added value for nature, with added value for agriculture (the gardeners as energy consumers) and with added value for the municipal task for the energy transition.

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Local renewable energy production for local consumption

Lots of greenery around the panels

The area is approximately 6 hectares (12 football fields). There will be trees, shrubs, herb-rich grassland and nature-friendly banks around the panels on almost 2 hectares. The 4 hectares of solar panels are barely visible to local residents, neighboring companies and traffic on the surrounding roads. In this way we also ensure a strengthening of the natural values of the area and we take the current landscape elements and plots into account as much as possible. The integration is further completed with input from the environment. If you would like to read more about the design plans and the plan in general, download our digital brochure Zonneveld Nextgarden (in Dutch).

Zonnepanelen ingepast met groen
Glastuinbouw met duurzame zonne-energie - Solinoor 3D model

Supply energy locally

The energy from the Nextgarden solar field is supplied to nearby gardeners. That is why we are working with Lingezegen Energy, a cooperative of growers in the area, for this project. For them, the construction of a solar park makes an important step in further sustainability possible. With this solar field, growers are increasingly using locally generated sustainable electricity. Lingezegen Energy also wants to work with battery storage. This means that electricity can be used at night at companies or sold to the grid at favorable rates. Conversion into heat with e-boilers is also a possibility.

Solar field characteristics

  • Contribution to the sustainability goals of the municipality and the region.

  • Fitting within the policy of the municipality and other authorities.

  • Good landscape integration, little view from the surroundings.

  • Ecological added value added.

  • Local project developer with an eye for the environment.

  • Local customers of the generated energy, thus making local companies more sustainable.

An overview of the key figures

  • Total land area: approximately 6 hectares.

  • Area for panels: approximately 4 hectares.

  • Almost 2 hectares of integration with greenery and nature around the panels.

  • Number of solar panels: approximately 10,000.

  • Electrical power: approximately 6 MW peak.

  • Sustainable energy generation: approximately 6,000,000 kWh/year.

  • Goal: Local generation and local use for the gardeners.

Suited within policy

The plans for solar field Nextgarden fit within the policy of the municipality of Lingewaard. The municipal council adopted the new policy in October 2023. In this Lingewaard Energy Transition Policy Framework 2023-2025 (Beleidskader Energietransitie Lingewaard 2023-2025 - in Dutch), the municipality indicates that it wants to be electricity neutral by 2030. The aim for the Nextgarden area is also to be energy neutral by 2030. The area for solar park Nextgarden is located in the search zone for solar energy in the municipality of Lingewaard. The municipality owns the 6 hectares of land on which the solar panels will be placed. Solinoor has been selected as a party to develop a plan for this and to construct and operate the solar field.

Inpassing van natuur bij zonneparken
Solinoor Inloopavond zonneveld Nextgarden in Bemmel

Community centred approach

In our projects we work carefully with the local communties, so that there is as much support as possible for the generation of sustainable energy. For the Nextgarden solar park we conduct personal conversations with all local residents who would like this. We will discuss the plans with them and the realisation of their wishes regarding the (nature-)integration of the solar panels. In the plan, almost a third of the land is intended for fitting in trees, shrubs and herb-rich grassland. In this way, the panels are invisible from approaching roads and further from the houses and gardens of local residents and businesses.

On April 16, 2024, we organised a walk-in evening to discuss further with residents, representatives of companies and other interested parties. Visitors were able to personally discuss the solar field with the initiators, the municipality and experts.


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Projectplanning Zonneveld Nextgarden

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