Enabling electric modes of transportation with renewable energy.

At Solinoor, we have the ambition to make heavy-duty transportation more sustainable by providing integrated innovative energy solutions. By leveraging our expertise in innovative energy solutions, we enable communities and businesses to embrace electric mobility while reducing their carbon footprint and fostering environmental sustainability. Our approach seamlessly integrates renewable sources with Charging stations and shore power infrastructure, creating a sustainable ecosystem for electric vehicles and ships.

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E-mobility solutions

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Charging stations

With the increasing need to divert from fossil fuels, we want to contribute to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. To make this electrification achievable, we focus on three key principles: accessibility, scalability, and innovation.

  • Accessibility: we make charging convenient and readily available across regions.
  • Scalability: with simple and modular designs, our approach can accomodate the increasing demand for charging infrastructure to create a vast network.
  • Innovation: we continously implement cutting-edge technologies from fast-charging capabilities, to smart grid integration and renewable energy integration, we create a vast network of charging infrastructure.

Shore power

We recognise the critical role that shore power plays in reducing emissions and improving air quality in port environments. Our approach integrates renewable energy sources, such as solar power, with cutting-edge technologies to provide efficient and reliable shore power solutions. We prioritise a holistic approach by considering factors such as energy demand, infrastructure requirements, and environmental impact. In this way, we tailor shore power solutions to meet the specific needs of port operators and shipping companies, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Solinoor shore power solutions

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