Solar on roofs

Decarbonising energy-intensive industries and buildings with the use of solar energy.

As a densely populated country, the Netherlands has limited space for solar panels on its (land)surface. Therefore, rooftops are considered one of the most desirable locations for solar PV. Besides spatial constraints, our Innovative Integrated Energy Solutions enable industries to effectively produce renewable energy and use it directly for their own consumption. With the ambition to help energy-intensive industries to achieve their sustainability goals and obligations, we are working towards complete off-grid solutions for rooftop owners to facilitate 100% green energy from renewable sources to fulfil their daily needs.

Benefits of solar roofs

  • Building optimisation: Utilising available roof surfaces to produce renewable energy for local consumption.
  • Off-grid solution: Decreasing the dependency on volatile energy prices of the energy grid.
  • Sustainable buildings: Minimising the carbon footprint of buildings by using green energy.

Our projects

By combining solar energy with innovative energy storage solutions, we mitigate the challenges of fluctuating renewable energy production and high energy prices. In our pursuit to empower industries with accessible and affordable renewable energy, Solinoor has constructed several rooftop projects in the Netherlands such as those on the concrete plants of Barneveld & Tiel.

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