Innovative Energy hubs

Tailoring sustainable energy networks.

In the pursuit of renewable and sustainable energy systems, our Innovative Energy Hubs take the spotlight. We understand that the transition to cleaner energy sources must align with local conditions, encompassing factors like energy balances, municipal & regional policies, communities and environmental aspects. Solinoor contributes to the energy system of the future by developing, building and scaling up integrated energy systems with decentralised generation, storage, conversion and utilisation of renewable energy. In our approach, one of our core principles is that the locally produced renewable energy will also remain available and accessible in that region.

By using elements that have the ability to stabilise energy grids and power numerous sectors such as energy storage systems, green hydrogen and a balanced energy management systems highlight the adaptable nature of our approach. By integrating renewable energy systems based on these unique conditions, we pave the way to a resilient, efficient, and eco-friendly energy future. Join us in this dynamic journey towards region-specific, sustainable energy networks.

Our innovative energy hubs

Benefits of our innovative energy hubs

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Our energy hubs maximise energy efficiency by intelligently managing production and consumption, reducing waste and costs.
  • Reliable Energy Supply: Energy hubs ensure a stable and uninterrupted energy supply, even in fluctuating conditions, increasing reliability.
  • Environmental Sustainability: These hubs play a pivotal role in promoting a greener future by optimising renewable energy utilisation and minimising environmental impact.

Our projects

Discover one our our most innovative energy hubs: Energy Hub Neder-Betuwe. By combining a 10 MWp floating solar park with an energy storage system, we balance the energy supply for sand extraction, dike reinforcement, shore power, and electric vehicles.

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Energy hub Willemspolder

Next to our office, we create an integrated system whereby we combine a 10 MWp solar park with consumption of 1) electric sand extraction activities, 2) charging electric equipment for dike reinforcement, 3) shore power for the overnight port, 4) charging of electric vehicles. By using an energy storage system, this forms a balanced energy system.

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