Innovative Energy Hubs

Tailoring sustainable energy networks.

At Solinoor we are revolutionising sustainable energy solutions with our cutting-edge Innovative Energy Hubs. These energy hubs feature advanced solar PV systems - whether on water, land, roofs, or carports - that generate clean and renewable energy. Hereby we unite two or more energy consumers, often from different sectors and industries that fosters a collaborative and resilient energy ecosystem. Supported by an integrated energy management system, our innovative energy hubs efficiently balance and distribute energy, ensuring cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Embracing the principle of local production meeting local consumption, we empower entire districts to reduce their carbon footprint and build self-sustaining energy infrastructures.

Solinoor Innovative Energy Solutions 3D model

Our innovative energy hubs

Benefits of our innovative energy hubs

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Our energy hubs maximise energy efficiency by intelligently managing production and consumption, reducing waste and costs.
  • Reliable Energy Supply: Energy hubs ensure a stable and uninterrupted energy supply, even in fluctuating conditions, increasing reliability.
  • Environmental Sustainability: These hubs optimise renewable energy utilisation and minimise environmental impact.

Our projects

Discover one our our most innovative energy hubs: Energy Hub Neder-Betuwe. By combining a 10 MWp floating solar park with an energy storage system, we balance the energy supply for sand extraction, dike reinforcement, shore power, and electric vehicles.

Are you interested in how we approach innovative energy hubs or do you want to see what the possibilities are for your location? Get in touch with our energy experts below.

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Energy Hub Neder-Betuwe

Next to our Solinoor office, we create an integrated system whereby we combine a 10 MWp solar park with consumption of 1) electric sand extraction activities, 2) charging dike reinforcement machinery, 3) charging electric vehicles (EVs), and 4) shore power for the overnight port. By using an energy storage system, this forms a balanced and reliable energy system.

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