Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Mitigating the intermittency of renewables, ensuring a reliable energy source.

The existing energy system infrastructure is only partly capable of managing the intermittent energy production of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. To better align energy production and consumption, we see Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) as one of the key solutions to provide a reliable energy system. With a team of experienced energy analysis enthusiasts, we provide tailored energy storage solutions for an optimised energy management. With an integral approach, we ensure a reliable energy supply for our clients.

Hydrogen 3D model

Benefits of batteries

  • Optimisation of renewables: The overproduction of renewable energy can be stored to use at a later moment when needed.
  • Optimisation: with an available grid connection, the battery system can be used to solve grid congestion issues and it can also improve the business case of your energy system with energy trading.
  • Energy independence: More self-sufficiency from your renewable energy system reduces the risks of high and fluctuating energy prices when consuming energy from the grid.

Our battery energy storage projects

At Solinoor, we are developing and integrating battery energy storage systems (BESS) within our solar energy projects. In doing so, we provide innovative energy solutions that result in fully sustainable stand-alone systems.

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