Green hydrogen

An essential source of energy when creating renewable and sustainable energy systems.

We believe that green hydrogen is one of the most important technologies for tackling the challenges that emerge along the energy transition. The potential role of green hydrogen is twofold: 1) solving energy grid instability by storing the renewable energy surplus for later use and 2) it can serve as a sustainable fuel & feedstock molecule for various sectors such as the industry and transportation. Without hydrogen, achieving a durable and fully sustainable energy system is complicated.

Hydrogen 3D model

Benefits of green hydrogen

  • Energy independence: Combining green energy & hydrogen solutions to become self-sustaining in managing energy consumption.
  • Reliability: Effective measure for stabilising energy supply by compensating for the intermittency of renewable energy sources.
  • Versatile: The flexibility of green hydrogen allows for diverse ways of making operational processes sustainable.

Our green hydrogen engagements

At Solinoor, we are developing and engineering the production of green hydrogen with the use of solar energy. In doing so, we provide integrated energy solutions that result in fully sustainable stand-alone systems.

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